Unifying cultures through creativity.

“A lifestyle movement curated to be a catalyst of human connection through love, compassion, and creativity, while celebrating individuality and freedom.

Culture culture



Culture Culture was created in 2020 to unify people of diverse backgrounds through showcasing multicultural talents to the world through the design agency I CREATIVE. We combined what we believe constitutes quality and aim to resolve how we can create brands that bridge cultures and ethnicities across the globe.

We go beyond a label. A premier lifestyle line, Culture Culture, is not just a brand. It is A LIFESTYLE and is influenced by the imagination and quirkiness of creative-collaborators: CEO Pasha Cook and design consultant Pei Lee.

Culture Culture is created from an idea that sparked the questions:

How can we use our gifts and talents to bring more united into the world? What do we believe constitutes a quality-piece, how can we create a brand that bridges cultures during a time in history that is separating cultures, and what does our style of clothing really say about our identities?

We live by three things: QUALITY,  STYLE, and FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION.

It would be a parody to define us as just designers of a fashion brand. While we are the talent behind the brand, our work is to be viewed as an expression of our cultures, the freedom to be true to ourselves, and the individuality to think outside of societal boxes, essentially shifting the manner which fashionable-creatives dress, while offering designs that explore the boundless potential of unisex fashion through high quality interchangeable pieces.

Culture Culture rebels against the norm as we engage with the commonalities amongst humans through love, compassion, creativity, and collaboration.


culture culture

THE LOGO - defines who we are and what we stand for; people from different walks for life connected through love, creativity and compassion for the human race.

culture culture

THE HEART is embroidered on our leisure garments as symbol of spreading love. 

THE RED FLAG, which can be seen on many of our luxury garments, is our flag of UNITY.